Terms of Service


These terms have been created in order to govern those who make use of our products, or intend to make use of our service, Rocket RP (located at www.rocket.li). This document is not completely finalised in any sense, therefore we reserve the right to adjust, remove, add any terms within this policy without prior notice to any party who uses this service. In making use of the service we provide, you automatically indicate that you have fully read and understood the policies indicated in this document we recommend that you regularly refresh yourself with the terms on this page as it is important that you understand the principals that this website runs on.

Basic rules for ingame conduct

During your time in the hotel, you are expected to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner. Any extreme swearing or anything deemed unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with, without question. Inappropriate behavior consists of:
* Directing users to explicit URLs including URLs that may contain harmful content or to retro hotels.
* Discussing illegal activity, such as drugs
* Hurtful comments about current world happenings eg. wars
* Basic incapability to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner
* Abusing hotel staff or other hotel users
* Spamming

These rules apply to both players and staff and must be followed strictly.

Rocket RP Staff

All opinions expressed by the Rocket RP Staff are not necessarily those shared by Rocket RP an orginisation, Furthermore, any opinions or endorsement by third party websites is not necessarily acknowledged by Rocket RP. If you think that any false claims are being made by third party websites then you may contact a Rocket RP Staff Member with your concern. Rocket RP staff also agree to avoid behavior in the hotel that may be taken by some users as offensive and otherwise leading to feeling insecure about playing the hotel. Staff are intended to be pillars of the community of which the rest of the players reside. Please be aware that overuse of mod tools may land you with your permissions being revoked and in extreme cases, bans issued. Please note: the hotel alert tool is one of these tools and should be used with sufficient reason - not to announce a party or any event, unless it has been properly addressed in a news post or if an emergency has occurred that requires the attention of the whole hotel. Please note: this article applies to all staff and this must be accepted before a staff role is taken on. Senior moderators reserve the right to question a member of staff's behavior according to this policy.

Prohibited Activities

The following behavior is classed as abuse towards the Rocket RP service:
* Use of DDoS or DoS software against the domain or related web system devices
* Use of 'scripting' software in the game client in order to create hijacked packets of information to alter a users game experience or limit the tools used to moderate the hotel
* Anything a Rocket RP member of staff deems to be abuse against the functionality of the hotel.
* Illegal activity, which is deemed so in Great Britain and of the country of which you reside.

Please note: the Rocket RP staff reserve the right to ban or limit a users permissions at any given time, with or without a valid reason. If you feel you have been wrongly treated you may contact a Rocket RP Staff Member.

Paid Services

Paid services include the buying of (or) any products sold at www.rocket.li. By purchasing from Rocket RP you are agreeing by no means to ask or request for a refund, we have a no-refund policy. Refunds would be time consuming for both staff and the person in question, therefore we ask you to not request a refund at any given time. All products sold on Rocket RP, this includes VIP, coins, rares are sold as-is and are subject to change. We may introduce offers at any given time which could substantially reduce the price, by purchasing from Rocket RP you agree to pay the full price and understand if we introduce offers after your purchase, that is your loss and not ours therefore we do not have to subsidise rest of the payment. Rocket RP sells it's products how it wishes in any way or form and can be altered without user knowledge. It is sold as-is and is not subject to any other advantages as those stated on the promotional page. The VIP service comes with no guarantee and can be removed from individual accounts without notice. This behavior may be justified by a member of staff after repeated violation of the ToS or as a result of a personal attack on another member of the community.

Final notices

Again, these terms may change at any given point without prior notice or notification to the community.
By agreeing to these ToS you ultimately agree to follow the legal restrictions set out by Rocket RP™ above, the government of Great Britain and the country of which you reside.
These terms are not valid for Battle.
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